2020 - A review


2020 - A review

Posted date 15 February 2021

​What a year 2020 was!

You can be forgiven for thinking that too much red wine has been taken here as it’s such an odd statement to make about a year that has decimated many businesses, led to a huge increase in unemployment and caused such a tragic loss of life for so many.

But let me explain.

In 2019 when we set up Sebolin, our plan was to seek out strategic partnerships with respectable businesses whose values, culture and behaviours were similar to our own. We weren’t interested in running after the same opportunities often chased by many ‘high-street’ recruitment businesses. We wanted partnerships that would pay long term dividends and where we could become part of the client ‘furniture’ and where our policy of matching values and behaviours to a client organisation would be welcomed in addition to the more traditional method of just matching skills and experience.

By the end of February 2020 and prior to the first lockdown we had secured contracts worth circa £0.6m and were well on our way to building a very successful platform from which to grow the business further.

Regrettably, our clients at that time were heavily affected by the first lockdown and within days of securing these contracts, all roles had been suspended and the opportunity was lost.

Worst still, we also lost a tender opportunity to the value of £6m later that year for the exact same reasons.

By this stage, Jean and I had been in business for less than 8 months and we were staring at a rapidly diminishing order book and knew that we had to make changes to our business model and strategy in order to flourish.

One thing that was apparent was that the impact of Coronavirus would have a lasting impact on the recruitment industry for a number of years and that we needed to target markets that were either unaffected by the pandemic or were enjoying increased revenues.

In short, our strategy needed a complete re-think and after many sessions burning the midnight oil we made adjustments to our target client model and also set up Sebolin Credit Services LLP to support business with collection of B2B debt.

Due to the very fluid nature of the business landscape, we also set up weekly reviews of our revised strategy to ensure we were staying agile and flexible during this difficult period.

And it paid off.

Our recruitment business in 2021 is expected to generate close to 7 figure revenues this year and we are reaching opportunities that simply weren’t visible to us at the outset of our business circa 18 months ago.

Our commercial debt recovery business is also generating revenue and will continue to grow in 2021.

So why my opening statement?

Because Jean and I have probably learned more about leading a business in the last 12 months than we might otherwise have done in the next 5 years and we are very excited to be in a position where we can create even more employment this year by growing our business and also execute more on our many corporate social responsibility schemes.

Whatever 2021 brings, I hope you take the time to have a look back, set aside all of the negativity from 2020 and focus on the positives.

It really is worth it.

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