Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted date 06 October 2020

​Corporate Social Responsibility – Your Help Is Needed

Most businesses have some form of social conscience although sadly, in many cases, this just means a tick in a year-end appraisal box if you have managed to drag yourself away from work for a single days volunteering.

I guess every little helps but not if you want to make a really significant and measurable difference.

If you extend the concept further to company Values, these too, sadly often exist because it is expected rather than something that adds real meaning to an organisation.

At Sebolin, a business that is less than 2 months old, you may be surprised to hear that creation of a corporate social responsibility strategy was one of the first things we have put into place as we believe creating the right culture from day one is incredibly important and sets the right tone for how we engage with our employees and customers.

However, rather than the potentially anaemic approach adopted by some businesses, at Sebolin we wanted something that really made a difference to the lives of those less fortunate and in this regard I am pleased to announce that Sebolin Consulting LLP are set to become strategic partners to Manchester City Council and will assist to reduce homelessness by providing employment opportunities to homeless people who have been re-housed as part of the Council’s strategy to end homelessness.

By adding Sebolin as a strategic partner, this will give people an opportunity to move on and become financially independent and become part of society once again.

Sebolin would love to hear from any Manchester employers who are able to support this initiative by considering candidates who have been re-housed.

There are no recruitment costs connected with placement of such individuals and candidates must meet agreed criteria to be eligible for employment.

If you are an employer in the Manchester area and think you could support this initiative, we would love to hear from you directly via email to Lee Duckworth: and we can have an open discussion about how this initiative works and agree candidate selection criteria.

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